In memory of my friend:
October 16, 1941 to October 31, 2017Yvette

About Yvette

YVETTE RADERMAN is a graduate of Pratt Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. After teaching Art in the public schools, she became a Knit Fabric Textile Designer and Stylist in the garment industry for fourteen years. She completed a Masters Degree in Nutrition, with honors, and worked as a Nutritionist for twenty years. She has been painting since the age of fifteen and has exhibited her paintings in the Employee Art Shows at Mary Manning Walsh Home and at community art shows in Chelsea. She exhibited her photography at Gemini Salon and Spa. She recently completed a memoir and her seventh collection of poetry. She is a devoted environmentalist and nature’s beauty is the subject of many of her paintings.

About Yvette’s Paintings

The subjects of my paintings are primarily from nature but I often draw from the human forms or completely abstract themes. I paint on canvas either in oil or acrylic. My goal is the pursuit of beauty regardless of subject, striving for each creation to express design qualities that transcend the literal to form a unique vision through color line and form. The end result is hopefully imparting to the viewer something timeless and original.